Cosmetic Tattoo

Understanding Cosmetic Tattoo: Insights from a Qualified Beauty Therapist in Pymble

If you struggle with unsteady hands, poor eyesight, or find yourself too busy for daily makeup routines, a cosmetic tattoo might be the solution you’ve been looking for. This innovative procedure is not only a time-saver but also beneficial for those with medical reasons requiring pigmentation on specific skin areas. For residents in Pymble, opting for permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattoo, could be the ideal choice.

Curious about how cosmetic tattooing works? Concerned about its safety and permanency? Wondering about the popularity and maintenance of such procedures? Look no further – Reese, a qualified beauty therapist, and nationally accredited Trainer and Assessor, is here to shed light on these questions.

Reese, with expertise in facial and skin treatments, explains that a cosmetic tattoo, or micro-pigmentation, involves using ink matched to your desired colour. Utilising a digital machine with nano needles, the procedure aims to create a tattoo that complements your natural beauty.

Once a cosmetic tattoo is done, it’s essential to understand that it’s permanent and cannot be reversed. Therefore, selecting a highly reputable practitioner is crucial, as correcting or removing it can be a lengthy, painful, and expensive process. Reese emphasises the importance of choosing a certified therapist to ensure a safe and reliable procedure.

While complete removal may be challenging, Reese notes that cosmetic tattoo marks do fade with time. The fading duration varies from person to person, influenced by factors such as age and skin type. Periodic touch-ups may be necessary, making it imperative to revisit the practitioner.

Aesthetic by Reese, a certified cosmetic tattoo service provider in Pymble, prioritises the use of medical-grade sterile needles and the highest quality pigment. Reese, known for providing natural-looking results, offers a high-end service that includes a complimentary consultation. To schedule an appointment, visit or contact +61 421816 816.

Invest in your beauty confidently with the expertise of Aesthetic By Reese, ensuring a safe and personalised cosmetic tattoo experience right in the heart of Pymble, Sydney.

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