Cosmetic Tattoo

What you need to know about Cosmetic Tattoo straight from a Qualified Beauty Therapist

Having unsteady hands or poor eyesight may be a problem for you to apply eyeliner beautifully, lipstick in a shapely way or other makeup which requires precision. If you have a medical reason to add pigmentation to some parts of your skin, then you should go for a cosmetic tattoo. Sometimes leading a busy life schedule and getting no time to do a good makeup, also leaves you no choice but to consult a cosmetic tattoo expert. If you are always needed to be presentable at all times but your makeup doesn’t last long, then cosmetic tattoo is the best for you. If any of these are true for you and you reside in Pymble, you should go for a permanent makeup also known as cosmetic tattoo Pymble as a solution.

Are you surprised? You are probably wondering about how it works? Is it even safe for you? How many people go for this? Can this be removed once done? Does it fade with time? When do you need to get it redone? Hey, don’t worry Reese, a qualified beauty therapist and a nationally accredited Trainer and Assessor will help you understand it. With a background in facial and skin Reese explains that a cosmetic tattoo or micro-pigmentation is done with the help of an ink matching your desired color. We use digital machine with nano needles to create a tattoo according to your skin and create a look that compliments your natural beauty.

These tattoos once done cannot be undone. Please make sure you choose highly reputable practitioner, because it will be a long and painful expensive procedure to remove or correct. In spite of all these sometimes the tattoo marks can’t be completely removed. But, Reese says that it does fade with time. The amount of tattoo and the time it takes depends on person to person. It also depends on the age factor and the type of skin you have. Thus you may need to revisit and get it redone after sometime. To find a good and a safe practitioner and you should look for a certified therapist. Aesthetic by Reese is a certified cosmetic tattoo Pymble service provider. We always make sure that we use a medical-grade sterile needles and highest quality Pigment. Reese has been providing her service Cosmetic tattoo Sydney and gives natural results to all her customers. We provide a high end service that comes with a complimentary consultation. To request an appointment visit Or call us at +61 421816 816.

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