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Reese Explains about which is Better Micro blading or Hair Strokes

As a beauty salon expert in Pymble, Reese shares her experience and explains how ‘Microblading’ has evolved into the innovative ‘Hair Strokes Technique.’ This semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo enhances the fullness and thickness of your brows naturally. The procedure utilises a fine needle to deposit pigment under the skin, creating a natural-looking effect in sparse eyebrow areas. The prospect of waking up with beautifully shaped eyebrows every day is truly exhilarating. While microblading techniques are well-established, hair strokes techniques represent a recent and sophisticated evolution in the field.

Microblading in Pymble is currently a hot trending topic in the beauty industry, and its popularity is expected to endure. Many individuals are opting for this service to enhance both their personal lives and careers. The idea of effortlessly waking up to flawless brows each morning is indeed a game-changer, eliminating the need for extensive daily beauty routines.

However, it’s essential to be a suitable candidate for microblading to maximise its benefits. Ideally, your face should be in near-perfect condition before opting for microblading. While this requirement may sound surprising, not everyone naturally meets these criteria. Enter the emerging version of microblading—hair strokes. This superior and more sophisticated technique provides a natural-looking eyebrow with longer colour retention and reduced risk.

Reese offers this cutting-edge technique, which boasts longer longevity than traditional microblading. Unlike microblading, hair strokes don’t damage the skin, resulting in better-healed outcomes and long-term colour retention. Additionally, it’s suitable for all skin types and ages (18+), addressing a wider demographic than microblading, which tends to favour almost perfect skin types.

The hair strokes technique doesn’t involve a blade but instead utilises a micro-needle to create super-fine and precise strokes. As previously mentioned, this is the latest technique and requires high skill, making it less common among artists, especially in Sydney. The procedure involves the use of pigmented ink and a fine needle to create natural-looking hair-like lines or strokes between the eyebrows. This not only thickens the appearance of eyebrows but can also reshape them.

For complete details, consult Reese to determine the best technique suitable for your skin. To get a head start and enjoy a free beauty consultation, book now by visiting or contact Aesthetic By Reese at 0421816816.