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Reese Explains about which is Better Micro blading or Hair Strokes

As a Beauty salon pymble expert Reese shares her experience and explains about how “Micro blading” has slowly developed and improvised into “Hair strokes technique”. This is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that makes your brow look fuller and thick naturally. This procedure uses a fine needle as a tool to draw a line of pigment under the skin that looks scarce in your eye brow. The dream of being able to wake up every day with a beautiful eyebrow is exciting. While the microblading techniques are older, hair strokes techniques are innovative and a recent evolution of microblading. 

Microblading Pymble is a hot trending topic in the beauty industry. It is probably going to remain for a long time to come. Many individuals are leveraging the service to improve their lives and career. The thought of being able to wake up to beautiful brows every morning is exciting. Without going through fuss work and starting your day to work with all the beauty coming from within is a game changer.

Hey, but you should be a good candidate for microblading. To reap maximum benefits from it, your face should be near to perfect before opting for microblading. No we are not joking; microblading fits you if you already have a perfect face. But not everyone has it though. Thus the emerging version of microblading, but a superior and a more sophisticated one is hair strokes. It provides a natural looking eyebrow with much longer color retention and less risk.

Reese as an expert in Hair Strokes Pymble, offers this technique which is the latest and most advanced technique that provide longer longevity than microblading, doesn’t damage the skin like microblading does therefore better healed results and color for long term and it’s suitable for all skin types, all ages (18+). Unlike microblading only suits almost perfect skin which hardly anyone has. 

This technique doesn’t involve a blade but a micro needle to create super fine and crispy strokes. As mentioned earlier, this is the latest technique and requires high skill so not many artists offer it especially in Sydney. This procedure involves the use of pigmented ink and a super fine needle to create hair-like lines or strokes in-between eyebrows. These strokes replicate natural hair and make the eyebrows look fuller. This technique not only thickens the appearance of eyebrows, it can also change the shape of your brows.

Ask Reese for complete details, and she will let you know the best that is suitable for your skin. To become an early bird and enjoy a free beauty consultation book now by visiting Or please contact Aesthetic By Reese at 0421816816

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