About Us

Reese has been a Qualified Beauty Therapist for over a decade. Her experience, attention to detail alongside her artistic flair has helped her build a seamless reputation rapidly.

With a background in facial and skin care, she has learnt the fundamentals of facial features and just how important each skin type responses to each treatment as well as how to conservatively utilize products and services to bring back the beauty that has been neglected.

Her passion is to help people (especially mums and dads) to look good and feel good. Being a busy mum of two beautiful boys, Reese understands how precious to have a little “me” time, and it takes effort and courage to treat ourselves as we often put our family before us. 

In August 2022, Reese has successfully built her first salon in Pymble, Sydney with the moral “Quality over Quantity” to bring North Shore mums and dads and surrounding suburbs the latest, luxurious, high-quality beauty services. She calls it “haven for beauty” where you are treated individually and able to fully escape your busy life for a moment.

Reese is also Nationally Accredited Trainer and Assessor. She has developed her own techniques and methods to ensure tattoo sessions are as swift and pain free as possible, her clients receive the latest and the best treatments within the industry and set her students for SUCCESS.

Reese believes “ Knowledge equals Skill”.