Years in Beauty Industry, Reese has seen so many amazing work of art by other artists, but also as many errors and mistakes and the lack of basic as well as intensive knowledge.

With her passion for beauty and the thirst to be on top of the game, Reese has always kept her knowledge and skills updated by attending many different workshops, seminars. As a Nationally Accredited Trainer and Assessor, Reese sees the need to offer excellent training in Brows, Eyeliners and Lips that is always at the forefront of emerging new methods and techniques to get a supernatural, long lasting and pristine tattoo that does not cause damage and pain, no down time and instant healing.

At Aesthetic By Reese, we offer in house 1:1 intensive training for beginners to help you become a confident and skilled Professional Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, set you up for SUCCESS.

We customize our training based on your strength and weakness. You will receive supervision, shadowing sessions and ongoing support even after the course.

For Seasoned Artists, we have Refreshment and Advanced Course to renew and grow your knowledge and skill.

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Either you are brand new to Cosmetic Tattoo and eager to learn ALL about it or you have already started but need extra “tutoring”. We offer all levels of training to suit your needs. Best of all, our training is tailored based on your strength and weakness, not just ONE method that you must follow to achieve the look.

It is fun and flexible but you are rest assured to walk out feeling confident.

We encourage our students to come back after the course with their models and work under our supervision until you are fully capable of going on your own.

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Private Training for Beginners

This course goes for 3 days


This course is the MUST HAVE, the CORE, the ESSENTIAL foundation for Beginners. It is packed with ALL NEEDED information to start your career in Cosmetic Tattoo. You will be satisfied and full of knowledge without feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed.


DAY 1:

+ Contraindications for tattoo

+ Client consultation

+ Skin anatomy, how to work on different skin type to achieve the best healed results.

+ Face shape, eyebrow shape for Brow Course. (Lips and Eyes shape for relevant courses)

+  Mapping and designing the shape

+Stretching technique

+ Machine types, needle types, pros and cons of each type

+ Hand speed, machine speed, motor power and hand pressure, hand and body position

+ Colour theory, how to choose and mix the colour, colour correction

+ Methods of pigment implantation, the common mistakes, the correct way to create saturated colour without looking too dark but healing next to nothing

+ Photos, lighting and editing

+ Very own tips and tricks from our trainer Reese

+ Knowledge test to implement what you have learnt

+ Practice… practice…  practice…

DAY 2 & 3

More practice on latex 

Live demonstration performed by Reese

Student will perform on 2 models with guidance (student organise your own models so you can follow up with healed result)

Student will also receive

Theory/ Practical Booklet (to refer back when needed)

Fully loaded kit with ALL THE ESSTENTIAL so you do not waste your time and money searching and buying all the unnecessaries. These have been tried and tested by our trainers and artists.

+ Machine, power supply, cartridges

+ Pigments, pigment thinner

+ Measuring and sketching tool

+ Topical Aesthetic

+ Barrier film, disposables and after care products

+ Cosmetic carry bag

+ Client Consultation / Medical History form

+Client After care form and kit 

+ Certificate Of Attendance

 FREE shadowing session (valid within 3 months after your course) and ongoing support.

We understand you don’t know what you don’t know. So, after you finish the course and start working more on models/ clients, you will come up with more questions. We are here to support you.

We highly recommend students to practice your new skill regularly, either on paper with a pen, or on a flat surface with your hand movement or properly practice on latex skin with your machine and pigment when possible.




We cover theories and correct techniques that you are missing to bring your work to the next level, gorgeously stand out from the crowd. Your choice of either Airbrush Brows or Signature Eyeliners or Signature Satin Lips.

This 1:1 private course is fully tailored according to your needs. Either you need to improve your knowledge or skills or perhaps both and learn about new developments within Cosmetic Tattoo industry. This 1-day course will cover it all.

Student organize 1 model and work under full supervision and guidance. (refine and correct your technique, posture, hand movement, speed, stretching technique)

from $1550