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Deluxe Brow Lamination
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Theory, high-quality kit, and models
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Achieve expertise in deluxe brow lamination with this intensive one day course. Covering everything from brow prepping, lifting, and setting techniques to mapping, tidying, and debulking, this course ensures a comprehensive understanding of brow lamination. Additional topics include colouring, mask application, serum and moisturizer use, massage techniques, and redness concealing. With hands-on practice using deluxe kits and models, you’ll enhance client satisfaction and grow your business successfully.

Upon completing the Deluxe Brow Lamination course, you will achieve:

  • Mastery in Deluxe Brow Lamination Techniques: Develop advanced skills in brow prepping, lifting, setting, mapping, tidying, and debulking to provide top-notch brow services.
  • Proficiency in Brow Customization: Create customized brow shapes through precise mapping and debulking, ensuring a tailored look for each client.
  • Expertise in Brow Coloring and Highlighting: Apply hybrid dye techniques for natural results and enhance brows with highlighting methods.
  • Advanced Skincare Application: Choose and apply the appropriate mask, serum, and moisturizer to maximize client satisfaction.
  • Client Relaxation Techniques: Master massage techniques to enhance the relaxation experience for your clients.
  • Effective Redness Concealing: Implement immediate aftercare techniques to conceal redness post-treatment.
  • Hands-On Practical Experience: Apply your theoretical knowledge through extensive hands-on practice using deluxe kits and live models.
  • Enhanced Client Satisfaction: Deliver exceptional brow services that increase client satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Business Growth: Utilize your advanced skills to attract more clients and expand your brow lamination business effectively.

This intensive course equips you with comprehensive skills and practical experience, ensuring you can provide exceptional brow lamination services, enhance client satisfaction, and support the growth of your business.

  • Brow Prepping: Initial preparation techniques
  • Brow Lifting and Setting Technique: Steps for effective lamination
  • Brow Mapping: Creating a customized brow shape
  • Brow Tidy: Using both soft wax and razor for precision
  • Brow Debulking: Reducing bulk for a clean look
  • Brow Coloring: Using hybrid dye
  • Color Fading Technique: Ensuring natural results
  • Mask Type and Application: Choosing and applying the right mask
  • Serum and Moisturizer Application: Techniques for optimal results
  • Massage Technique: Enhancing client relaxation
  • Redness Concealing: Techniques for immediate aftercare
  • Brow Highlighting: Enhancing brow appearance

Your earning potential with Deluxe Brow Lamination

$140-$160 per set (1 hour)

Imagine completing 8 sets a day, 5 days a week. Start maximizing your income and achieving financial freedom with Aesthetic By Reese Academy.

About Us

Reese has been a qualified Beauty Therapist for over a decade. Her experience, attention to detail, and artistic flair have rapidly contributed to building a seamless reputation.

With a background in facial and skin care, she has mastered the fundamentals of facial features and understands how each skin type responds to different treatments. Reese is adept at conservatively utilizing products and services to rejuvenate neglected beauty.

Her passion lies in helping people, especially parents, look and feel good. As a busy mother of two boys, Reese recognizes the value of “me” time and understands the effort and courage it takes to prioritize self-care amidst family responsibilities.

In August 2022, Reese successfully established her first salon in Pymble, Sydney, with the guiding principle of “Quality over Quantity.” This ethos aims to provide North Shore parents and residents of surrounding suburbs with the latest, luxurious, and high-quality beauty services. She refers to it as a “haven for beauty,” where individuals can escape their busy lives for a moment of personal attention.

Reese is also a Nationally Accredited Trainer and Assessor. She has developed her own techniques and methods to ensure tattoo sessions are swift and pain-free. Her commitment to offering clients the latest and best treatments in the industry extends to setting her students on the path to success.

Reese believes “ Knowledge equals Skill”.

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